Sadly, too many good things come to an end. Saying goodbye to Colorado Fabrics will be difficult for many of us. I am very grateful for the opportunity Nada Watt gave me to be the store’s long-arm quilter. She ran her business with strength and grace, treating everyone she encountered with great respect. I am forever indebted to her.

As Purple Tutu Quilting, I will be offering continuing service for all Colorado Fabric long-arm quilting customers. I will be able to continue delivery of quilt work that you submitted to Colorado Fabrics, at the promised time frames and pricing.

I will be setting up the quilting machines in my home, three miles east of their previous home. I welcome you to come see my studio!

After close to three years working at Colorado Fabrics, I met so many of the best customers around, and really want to say how much I appreciate being able to work with such creative people. I’ve watched so many of you grow as quilters, and have felt honored to be a  part of that process. I truly hope I can continue on this path with you.

New customers will receive a 10% discount as a thank-you for trusting me with your quilt. And I do mean new customers of Purple Tutu Quilting 😉

Thank you for your continued support!

Wendy Arend
704 – 641 – 8646  call or text

More of a website is coming soon. Until then I am proud to offer:

Purple Tutu Quilting Services

Edge-to-Edge Quilting on state of the art Innova long-arm machines. With hundreds of designs and threads available, my goal is to work with you to obtain the finished quilt you desire. I am ever-mindful that we are working together on your quilt.

Quilting is priced at 2 cents / square inch; very dense designs may be 2.5 cents / sq. in.

I’ll also continue to offer Binding service, at 12 cents / linear inch, with faux flange binding at 18 cents / linear inch.

Call or text me at 704-641-8646 to learn more.

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